More gardening.

Time to start planting…..

Today I began the process of planting the gardens. Not my most favorite thing to do. But alas it has to be done.

Had the goats out also. Which made for a interesting twist on the gardening. And if that all wasn’t enough work. I had to fix some fencing for my cows. So I could move them to the new pasture. So theyd leave my duck nest alone(I had a duck decide to nest in the middle of my cows hay bale). Soooo I’ve gotta keep a lookout for that.

After all that was said and done. I did manage to get potatoes and onions planted. And yeah my rows no matter how hard I try. They never end up straight.20170515_143826

Then I got 2 rows of green beans planted. Plus carrots and radishes. 20170515_151932

Still have corn, squash, cucumbers, pumpkins, water melon, tomatoes and peppers yet. But I’m getting there!