Gardening letdown. 

Had to replant corn

Well I and J went through to weed the corn. To find very few had come up. Some rows only had one corn stock in it  compared to the 20 some that should’ve been in each row. 

So we weeded, tilled and replanted. The corn. This time I planted more in each row to up the chances of getting more corn stocks. 

Now hoping that they mature in time. Otherwise we won’t have much for corn this year. 

Also retilled the potatoes and onions. And mounded potatoes up. 

Next to till the other large garden. 

More gardening.

Time to start planting…..

Today I began the process of planting the gardens. Not my most favorite thing to do. But alas it has to be done.

Had the goats out also. Which made for a interesting twist on the gardening. And if that all wasn’t enough work. I had to fix some fencing for my cows. So I could move them to the new pasture. So theyd leave my duck nest alone(I had a duck decide to nest in the middle of my cows hay bale). Soooo I’ve gotta keep a lookout for that.

After all that was said and done. I did manage to get potatoes and onions planted. And yeah my rows no matter how hard I try. They never end up straight.20170515_143826

Then I got 2 rows of green beans planted. Plus carrots and radishes. 20170515_151932

Still have corn, squash, cucumbers, pumpkins, water melon, tomatoes and peppers yet. But I’m getting there!