Little pigs.

7 healthy 4 week old piglets.

The little piglets are growing well. They will be leaving to their new home next Saturday. 

I will likely separate them from their mom come Wednesday. To give them a few days to get used to being on their own. Before they leave. 

Cracks me up they still sleep in a big pig pile. That’s all 7 of them!! You’d think that’d be uncomfortable. Ha! This picture waa taken today. 

This next picture was shortly after they were born(4 weeks ago). To show they have a thing for snuggling. 

Also looks like outta the 7 I only got one girl. Also known as a gilt. She looks just like her mommy. 

I got them moved over to the other side of the pig barn so I could clean the side they had been on.  This also gives me the ability to move the piglets to a separate spot from mom. But still inside the pig barn. 

This was my attempt at getting a picture of them all. As you count you’ll see I’m missing one and some are blurry. They aren’t very cooperative subjects, for picture taking. 

I find piglets so cute. I’ve had a love for pigs since I was 7. When my family got our first pig. Miss Piggy. She was suppose to just be raised to eat. So should’ve had her for say 6 months. We had her for 3 years. 

She was my pet. She’d follow me every where, I even sat on her back. I loved that pig. 

She led me to raising pigs. Since her I’ve raised pigs off and on my entire life. Since moving to this farm though. It was the first time I finally owned and bred my own pigs. Usually I just bought feeder pigs to raise up and butcher. Or id plan to breed but never did. 

I don’t find the older pigs as cute as I once did. I use to not have any fear of them, And their massive size and strength. But we had a incdient when trying to castrate the male piglets. The sows became very aggressive. Scary aggressive. I’d never seen this before. But I had never been this far into the pig farming. 

I now have a new respect for them. I understood why they reacted the way they did  I’d do the same for my young. I couldn’t fault them for that. 

I feel it was a good eye opener for myself. Because I do believe I put myself in harm’s way to many times.  Now I’m more cautious. Which is not a bad thing. 

I won’t go in with my older pigs without a way to get out quickly. Or to keep them from crowding my space. 

I don’t allow kids in my pig barn unless accompanied by an adult. Which is wise regardless of the animal.  

But with all that said. I do enjoy raising my pigs. I take pride in selling their piglets. And having regular customers that anticipate the next litters. To raise pigs people enjoy. Who acknowledge the work involved and the great breed that I own. It means a lot. 

Our next litter is due September. Then no breeding till January. For either sow. We all need a break. This will also allow me time to redo pens. 

So stay tuned. As there will be more pig news in the months to come.  

Farm critters. 

More animal introductions.

This here is Max. Our pony. He is 16 years old. We bought him last year at an livestock auction. He waa in pretty tough shape. But after some tlc he was great. J loves to sit and take rides on him. Still looking for a pony saddle so I can feel a bit safer with him riding max. 

He just had his hooves trimmed Tuesday. And a good brushing before put out in the pasture with our heifer and steer.  

Here is our heifer(baby girl) she was a twin to another heifer but her twin died. She is a full jersey.  She is 3 years old. We are getting a jersey bull to breed her. Hopefully be breeding her come July of this year. 

And then you have Edgar our black Angus steer. He’s just over a year. And if he grows as we expect. He’ll be headed off to the butcher. Which is hard cause I’ve raised him. He was a bottle baby. We bought him at the same auction we got Max at. 

Here are the 7 piglets. They’ll be 2 weeks old this Saturday. They will be headed to their new home around June 24th. They are going to one of my regular customers. He may even take the piglets that are expected to arrive in September. It’s looking like outta this litter there was only 2 gilts and the rest boars. They tend to have more males then females. 

This is Remington he’s gonna be the newest member on the farm. He’s a register Nigerian buck. He has BLUE eyes!! Which is awesome. So hopefully his babies have blue eyes. We’ll know next spring. He gets to breed 2. One lamancha and then my newest Nigerian doe. 

This is cocoa. Shes a chocolate lab mix. She was a rescue pup. We got her a month after we had J. It was interesting, newborn baby and a pup. I don’t suggest it! 

Oh  Don’t let this picture fool you i don’t feed her lol. Okay okay yes I do. Ha! Hubby says it’s extremely obvious cuz everytime I have food this is where you’ll find her.  I’m like nah it’s cause she loves me so very much! Ha!  

So there’s a few more of our of critters. 

Baby piglets. 

Piglet cuteness.

As promised. More pictures. We have a total of 7 piglets. Not sure sexs of them all yet. Mom And babies are doing great. 

We will wean them at 5 weeks and have them headed to their new homes. 

It’s amazing how big the sows are but how gentle they can be. There’s old farmers tales of stories of sows. Laying on their young and not caring. Eating their young. 

I can tell you from my own personal experience that’s not true. I may have gotten lucky. But my sows, are very cautious of their young. They will call them to them. So they can see each one in front of them before they lay down. As gently as possible. 

They also have had moments where they accidnetly step on a foot of the piglets(you try walking around with 7 or more babies under foot wanting you and not accidently bump into one) . The piglet squeals. And have you ever seen an 800lb sow become light on their feet. I have. Ha! 

She will do her absolute best to keep her babies safe. 

Black pig if all goes as planned won’t have another litter till next spring. I’m giving her the summer off. Give me time to redo my pig pens. 

But anyways. Here are the pictures!!! 

New members of the farm.

Piglets are the cutest!

Black pig who was due today. Had started nesting this morning. Get hay positioned where she wanted. 

Came home around 3ish from being in town to find she had, had 2 baby pigs. 

I’ll have an exact head count come morning. I did managed to record one being born. Something I’ve been trying to do since having the sows. 

All seems to be going well for the sow and the piglets she has. I’ll update more tomorrow. I am off to bed. 


Some of the many adventures on the farm. 

Just my life.

Excuse me!!! I’m nesting here!!! 

Of all places for this duck to decide to nest. In the center of my cows hay bale. Try explaining to a cow that it needs to be careful when eating it’s hay! Ha! 

It is priceless though watching the cows try and figure out what’s hissing at them inside their hay bale. (As muscovy ducks don’t quack they make hissing type noises) just a little tid bit for those that haven’t been around these kinda ducks. 

I have a couple ducks nesting under my grainery. Which wasn’t what I had hoped for but had to cave due to the fact my dog decided to become an egg eater this year. So it’s one place she cannot get to.  

Another duck choose under my porch in the garage. Not safest place to pick. So I had to make up a nest type box. To help protect her and her eggs from kids and dogs.  Thankfully she s now use to me walking through to milk goats. As my milk stand is right by the porch. 

 Anxiously awaiting the arrival of black pigs babies. She is due the 20th of this month. So this Saturday. She could go sooner or later. 

Just a waiting game. I’m hoping she has them on a warm day. The last few days have been cold and windy. Lows in mid 30’s highs just hitting high 40’s low 50’s. 

Any guesses as to how many piglets she’ll have. The most she s had is 9 i believe. The least was 3(that was her first farrowing)  

Friend or Foe? Yesterday this little cat showed up. First appearance was in my cow barn. Scared me as I was not expecting it. I tried to coax it to me. But it’s terrified of people. 

I of course laid out some extra cat food for the little thing. Figured if it’s gonna be here it needs to eat. And be friendly so I know it won’t cause harm to my other cats. Or my ducks. 

Today the cat snuck up under the car in the garage behind where I milk. I again tried to get it to come me. But nope. It however did not run right away. It walked over and climbed on a box and began falling asleep. I snuck over and gently petted it’s head. 

Not sure who jumped more. The cat or myself. Cuz as soon as I touched her(or him) not sure gender. She jumped up in the air and ran away. Definitely got my heart going that’s for sure.  

So the saga continues. Will the cat be a friend or a foe?  Will it be a girl and end up having a litter of kittens?(hope not!!) 

J learning to mow. He’s almost 6 and a half. And was thrilled to finally get the chance to mow. A true country boy. I never enjoyed mowing so to see him loving it so is amusing.  Not gonna lie it’s scary for me. Cuz I see all that can go wrong. Of course. But he’s never alone we are nearby at all times. 

After he mowed a few times. He determined he was ready to drive the cars now. Ha! Slow down there little man. You got a bit to go before you can just hop in and drive one! 

Today I also went in and volunteered at my son’s class. Last chance I had before school is done for this year. It was Beach day. Not the greatest weather for that. But kids still had fun. A lot of the kids want to come to our house to play with the animals. 

Which once school is done I have no problem with that. Give J something to do. Aside from getting into trouble. 

Also lost power this morning. For 3 hours. Of all mornings also. I needed to shower before heading to the school. 

But anyways. I must get a certain little boy off to bed. School tomorrow. 


The pigs.

Introduction of the pigs on the farm.

The ladies. They have very complicated names lol. So you have Spot (the spotted one of course.) And black pig. Ha! They are 1/2 Berkshire and 1/2 spotted pig(use to be known as a Chinese pig or so I’m told). They are 3 years old. We bought them when they weren’t quite a year and were expecting their first piglets.

Now they are on their 4th litter of piglets. One is due May 20th, the other is due mid September.

They weigh around 700lbs.


Next we have Eeyore. His name fits him quite well. As he acts just like eeyore from Winnie the pooh. He mops around. And when you take his ladies away he gets depressed. Poor big guy. He is a full Berkshire. Weighing in at 1000 lbs. And is 3 years old.


So there is our pigs. Will post updates as the piglets arrive.