Lawn mower saga 2.0

Lawn mower 1 Yard 0

Last week was a very busy week. Majority was lots of yard work. As the new mower was to arrive Friday. So J and I was picking up the yard. Moving hay bales onto pallets and to the back of the yard. Took fencing down around gardens. 

Knocked weeds down around the cow pasture. 

Weeded the gardens. 

Here’s the new mower. 

It’s really nice. Hubby was able to get the whole yard mowed in 3 hours. Which is really good considering how large our yard is. 

Before mowing around the corn garden. 


The other gardens before mowing. 


Yard and gardens look great. Some minor weed eating needing done now around buildings. But it’s nice to be all caught up on gardens and yard! Now here’s hoping no more lawn mower issues.