Long time update.

So it’s been over a year since I last posted. A lot has gone on so itll take a bit to fully update.

But the biggest change. Was our newest addition to the family.

James J. Was born in April of this year. Making us a family of 4.

We also had kidding season again this year. Giving us 2 new doelings to breed. And 3 bucklings. Sold 2 bucklings they went to a new home together. Kept the 3rd little buckling as a pet for our oldest son. As he fell in love with the little guy.

Then we had our first calving on the farm. Our heifer had a nice size bull calf.

We have fox problems this year which has taken out a lot of my birds. The few remaining I had to put into chicken tractors to keep them safe till we get rid of the fox issue.

We still have our pigs and had a litter of piglets. That I am raising to sell as butcher hogs.

Also have our 2 large gardens.

And have decided to start raising guinea birds. Not only are they beautiful but they are guard birds to help alert when there are predators.

My hubby also started a YouTube channel as well you should check it out.

Watch “Weekend warrior outdoors” on YouTube


It’s about hunting, fishing, metal detecting and anything that’s an adventure. His moto “take a kid on an outdoor adventure”. As every adventure our oldest son is along and enjoying each moment. And once our youngest is able he’ll be going on the adventures also.

So my blog will not only be about my ramblings on the farm, but also posts on our YouTube channel.

Stay tuned.

Some of the many adventures on the farm.Β 

Just my life.

Excuse me!!! I’m nesting here!!! 

Of all places for this duck to decide to nest. In the center of my cows hay bale. Try explaining to a cow that it needs to be careful when eating it’s hay! Ha! 

It is priceless though watching the cows try and figure out what’s hissing at them inside their hay bale. (As muscovy ducks don’t quack they make hissing type noises) just a little tid bit for those that haven’t been around these kinda ducks. 

I have a couple ducks nesting under my grainery. Which wasn’t what I had hoped for but had to cave due to the fact my dog decided to become an egg eater this year. So it’s one place she cannot get to.  

Another duck choose under my porch in the garage. Not safest place to pick. So I had to make up a nest type box. To help protect her and her eggs from kids and dogs.  Thankfully she s now use to me walking through to milk goats. As my milk stand is right by the porch. 

 Anxiously awaiting the arrival of black pigs babies. She is due the 20th of this month. So this Saturday. She could go sooner or later. 

Just a waiting game. I’m hoping she has them on a warm day. The last few days have been cold and windy. Lows in mid 30’s highs just hitting high 40’s low 50’s. 

Any guesses as to how many piglets she’ll have. The most she s had is 9 i believe. The least was 3(that was her first farrowing)  

Friend or Foe? Yesterday this little cat showed up. First appearance was in my cow barn. Scared me as I was not expecting it. I tried to coax it to me. But it’s terrified of people. 

I of course laid out some extra cat food for the little thing. Figured if it’s gonna be here it needs to eat. And be friendly so I know it won’t cause harm to my other cats. Or my ducks. 

Today the cat snuck up under the car in the garage behind where I milk. I again tried to get it to come me. But nope. It however did not run right away. It walked over and climbed on a box and began falling asleep. I snuck over and gently petted it’s head. 

Not sure who jumped more. The cat or myself. Cuz as soon as I touched her(or him) not sure gender. She jumped up in the air and ran away. Definitely got my heart going that’s for sure.  

So the saga continues. Will the cat be a friend or a foe?  Will it be a girl and end up having a litter of kittens?(hope not!!) 

J learning to mow. He’s almost 6 and a half. And was thrilled to finally get the chance to mow. A true country boy. I never enjoyed mowing so to see him loving it so is amusing.  Not gonna lie it’s scary for me. Cuz I see all that can go wrong. Of course. But he’s never alone we are nearby at all times. 

After he mowed a few times. He determined he was ready to drive the cars now. Ha! Slow down there little man. You got a bit to go before you can just hop in and drive one! 

Today I also went in and volunteered at my son’s class. Last chance I had before school is done for this year. It was Beach day. Not the greatest weather for that. But kids still had fun. A lot of the kids want to come to our house to play with the animals. 

Which once school is done I have no problem with that. Give J something to do. Aside from getting into trouble. 

Also lost power this morning. For 3 hours. Of all mornings also. I needed to shower before heading to the school. 

But anyways. I must get a certain little boy off to bed. School tomorrow.