4th of July 

We had a great 4th of July. We spent it out on the lake. Fishing. And later that night we watched many fireworks. 

We all ended up a bit crispy sadly but it was worth it. 


Dry spell is over. 

Nice day out in the boat.

So after 5 days of fishing and not catching one thing. Not even a weed or log!! Which is not like me. I could always guarantee that I’d get hung up on least something. 

But alas nope. Nothing zilch nada! Hubby was like your getting bored of fishing aren’t you. Nah a tad frustrated perhaps. I like to sit on a boat. And just soak in the rays and scenery. I’m pretty easy going. 

Doesn’t take much really to keep me quiet and at peace. At least outwardly. Inside my head it can be rather busy. And most times not peaceful. Which is why I’m quite content to just sit and enjoy the day. So I have moments to try and gather my thoughts.  Or play a story out in my head. I can’t tell you how many adventures I’ve had in the safety of my mind. If only I had the nak to get them out on paper. 

But anyways. Today being day 6 of fishing. I wasn’t to hopeful. J caught a sunny. And another. Kid can sure fish. That’s his dad’s genetics not mine Ha! His love for mayo sandwiches that’s from me! 

I after many casts and I mean many. I finally caught a small 6in sunny. And one more.  Then NOTHING! Hey least i caught something. 

We moved spots. Then the fish really got to biting. I caught a 13 inch crappie. Tons of large mouth bass. And a few black bullheads. Finally the dry spell was over. Least this one. Who knows what’s to come? 

But I will not complain about enjoying a nice boat ride. In such great weather. Feels like summer here. Temps in the upper 70’s and lows in the 50’s. 

Luckily I haven’t sunburned to bad yet.

First outting in our boat. 

Fun on the water.

A day out boating/fishing. We just bought the boat last week. And go to take it out today. First to the lake. Where my hubby caught a 3lb northern. J got to drive the boat. And I spent my time trying to catch a fish and just enjoying the sun. 

Next we headed to the river. Trying to catch some cat fish. My one best friend asked for cat fish for their family. So I was on a mission. Sadly I came up empty handed. J caught 2 both 2 small. One was just 3 inches long. And the other was just over 4 ounces. Not good eaters. J also caught a 1lb carp. While hubby and I caught nothing. Ha! Isn’t that how it goes? 

I did have to hike back to the car to get our cat fish bait. (Its a weird recipe and smells so strongly of garlic). Its suppose to attract cat fish. But….lol…. 

I did think about on my way back with the bait that if vampires were a thing. I’d be safe. Cuz of said bait Ha! 

Also got to see a couple deer walk across. 

When we went to pull up the anchor. Which was my job. I teased and said it was my line to catch the loch Ness monster. That turned into quite the experience. Cuz at the lake the northern had wrapped the stringer around it. So when I pulled the anchor up there waa the northern attached to it. Caught me by surprise. 

Next. As I brought up or tried to bring the anchor up at the river. I couldn’t get it to budge. I pulled and jerked. And yanked. For the life of me i couldn’t get it up. I had my feet braced on the side of the boat to give me leverage. Pulled…. nothing…. 

I was like well crap I’ve gone and done it I caught the loch Ness monster. And this sucker is heavy. Which brought on laughter from hubby and J. 

Sadly to report though the loch Ness monster got away. He’s free to terrioze another poor anchor person. Ha! 

(And just an fyi it’s all just humor. With the loch Ness monster and the vampire thing) gotta create your own fun and adventures. 

It was a great day. And now I’m exhausted going to crawl into bed and sleep. 

Another busy day ahead tomorrow. …

So good night. I’ll be back to share more adventures with you all. Also in due time i will do a blog on me personally. Give you a more in-depth view of the gal behind the blog. And a few pictures. So you can have a face to go with my stories. 

Laid back Sunday.

Just some ramblings


Today was very laid back. No real plans just kind of go with the flow. We went and ate at my favorite small town cafe. Which is named Whistle stop cafe. They have great food. But the thing I also love about the place. Is the name. It’s the same name as the cafe on my favorite movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” . And yes this cafe is also near railroad tracks. Not quite as close as the one in the movie. But they are there.

If you’ve never watched the movie. You should. It’s worth it!

My other favorite movie that I watch no matter what else is on. Is “Forest Gump” only time I won’t watch it is if J is nearby. Then yeah not very kid friendly. Though I do let him watch “Pearl Harbor.” But i figured thats part of his history. Though it’s dramatized for viewing pleasure.

After eating at the cafe. We headed into the next town. Stopped at the park so J could play. Then Picked up some bait and tried a new fishing spot. This spot was not my friend. I booked anything and everything. I came out empty handed. Hubby caught a catfish and J caught a golden eye and a catfish. So we still were successful.

Home after that to do chores. Where I found my good heavy duty water hose with a puncture hole in it! Ugh.

Then dinner and a movie (we are watching “Enders Game”)  think that’s what it’s called anyway. First time J is actually watching it.  We use to have cable but we opted to pause our subscription through the summer. Since there is so much more we can do and needs done during the warm months.

So less tv isn’t a bad thing. I also have chosen to spend less time on social medias. Like Facebook. Deleted my Instagram and Twitter. Though those weren’t so much my decision. But we’ll not get into that right now. Facebook was more my choice, I now check it on Monday and Fridays.

I’m trying to keep in touch with family and friends via phone calls and well text. Yeah texting isn’t very personal. But it’s easier for me.

Texting gives me time to think before replying. There’s no awkward silence like you’d get on a phone call. I can write delete and rewrite my reply as many times as needed. Till I feel that what I’m saying is going to benefit the conversation.

I get told quite often i smile and giggle a lot in conversations. Most cases it’s due to the fact. I feel that nothing I say with improve the conversation. But I don’t want the person to feel I’m not listening or don’t care. I also don’t strike up conversations. I figure that if what I have to say won’t improve on the silence. Then best to just enjoy the silence. To often people struggle with silence. When we should welcome it. The world is a busy noisy place. Silence is a gift.

When people ask why I’m so quiet. I respond with “We were given two ears and one mouth. So we’d listen twice as much as we speak”. How often do people truly respond to not just simply respond. Should we jump with a response. Take time to think before you speak. It’s ok. There’s been so many times in my life alone. Where I wished someone would have thought about their response to any number of hardships in my life.

I’m not perfect i know I’ve had my fair share of moments where I did not engage my brain before my mouth. But we all are only human. Live and learn.

But I’m tired and still need to finish a few nightly chores before I can turn in.


Sooooo…..ro be continued…….

Fishing day.

I caught the biggest fish

20170506_220343Today being that it’s Saturday. We took the day to go fishing. J didn’t have school and hubby didn’t have to work. So what better way to spend a day as a family but out fishing.

The weather was great. Warm and sunny. (And though we had sunscreen on we still managed to get sunburned a bit.)  Was worth it. We caught 27 fish total. (Hubby caught 12, i caught 12 and J caught 3). I caught the biggest, a 29 inch 9 lb cat fish. Those things put up quite the fight. Something else I realized they make a crackling sound when your holding them. Took me by surprise the first time. I almost dropped it

Another fish that makes a similar noise, Was the sheep head. It’s a bit odd.

J spent most of his time playing in the dirt and trees. Hence the few he caught. Reminds me of myself. I was never big on fishing. Was to boring. I hated sitting still. Now I enjoy the moments where I can just sit and think. Day dream. Create stories in my head. I can’t tell you how many numerous stories have travel through my head. All the adventures I’ve had, it the safety of my head.

In my head I’m a great dancer. In reality I have 2 left feet. Don’t believe me ask my hubby. Ask him what happened the last time he tried to dance we with me. I fell on my bottom. Ha. In my head I’m outspoken. I don’t take crap from anyone. In reality I’m very quiet, and I resemble a door mat for most. In my head I’m a world traveler. In reality I rarely leave my home.

But anyways. We are home from fishing. I managed to get my evening chores done. Hubby cleaned the fish. Now I’m getting J to bed. Then it’ll be my turn to slip off to dream land.

Sooo….to be continued……