Fun on the farm. 

More adventures and additions on the farm

So the other day I go grab my last goat to milk. (Girlie goat our Nigerian dwarf). I put her in the milk stand. Then leave to grab some grain for her.  I come back to this 

Ummm yeah. That’s not gonna work. The duck figured she should get her evening treat while she sits on the stand with the goat. 

We also have some new members on the farm. 

This hen hatched out 24 ducklings! That’s quite the achievement! Bout a week later. Tall grass duck hatched out her ducklings 

She had 7 total. I’ve already got them all SOLD. All 31 of them! 6 went to their new home today. The rest go tomorrow. 

Then to wait for the next round to hatch. I should have some hatching on the 18th. And one other nest at any point. As I don’t know when she started sitting.  

Next we got some meat chickens. That we will butcher in 15 weeks or so. 

Then while cleaning the garage for the 2nd time this year. This time however I was hoping to power wash the floor. No clue there yet. My one hose broke. Go figure. 

But we ran across this spider 

We did manage to power wash the main porch. Next to stain it  

The lawn is still unmowed! The saga continues. I’d say the yard looks a bit more like a jungle now. But not for to much longer. The new mower is on its way!! Come Friday the lawn will meet it’s maker or mower. Ha! We will get to put the mower through its paces that’s for sure. 

Well that’s all for now. Off to do more chores. 

Hay bale duck and her ducklings. 

Before she took them outta the nest. She had left to bathe and eat. So I snuck over and got a picture. There’s 13 of them squished in there. 

Here they are out and about. So much fluffy cuteness. They are already sold and onto their new home. I feel so bad for the momma ducks. 

We even sold the last 4 from the 1st batch of ducklings. 

So now we are back to just the original 16 adults. I have 2 for sure sitting on nests. 

Later this year I may keep a few babies so I can have a total of 20 ducks. Be nice to have more hens. 

Duck, duck, duck, no goose…

More ducklings.

Can’t play duck, duck, goose here. I’m short on geese ha! 

Anyways. You all remember hay bale duck 

Well her ducklings hatched today. She hasn’t brought them outta the nest yet. 

If you look very closely in front of her there you can see 2 ducklings. There’s more under her. She’s keeping them well protected and warm. Today of all days was a tad chilly. 

Then my other nesting duck that nested in the weeds. Had gotten off her nest to eat and drink. So I snagged a picture of her nest. Looks like 9 eggs. 

Then I have a new duck laying in the cow barn no pictures to show of that nest yet. But she’s been sitting on it for 6 days now. Takes about 35 days or so for the eggs to hatch. I’ll be curious to see how many days exactly. 

Here’s the 3 mommas from the first round of hatching. And the last 4 of their babies. I swear they all 3 give me such dirty looks now. Can’t blame them i did take their babies. 

Those 4 ducklings have it made 3 moms tending to them. I haven’t decided if I’ll sell those 4 ducklings yet or not. If not now maybe later as adults. So then I’ll know the sexes. Many people are looking for hens vs drakes. 

But hopefully I’ll have more pictures tomorrow of the newest hatching of ducklings…..

Busy weekend. 

Fun and productive weekend.

This weekend though wasn’t filled with fishing adventures like usual. It was filled with other fun happenings. 

Now don’t worry the boat wasn’t neglected. Hubby and J worked on putting new seats in the boat. Looking forward to trying them out this coming weekend. 

Anyways Saturday morning came bright and early. The hardest part of this that take place early in the morning is I don’t sleep well. I always have nightmares that I slept through my alarm or got lost trying to get to my destination. 

Terrible. But after a very restless night. I was up early doing all my morning farm chores. So we could head out to our 5k. 

Chores done and inside to get ready. I bought compression socks this time around and special insoles for my shoes. After my last 10k I had really done a number on my shins. And did not want a repeat.  

Got J ready. Then we all piled into the car and headed to the race. J and I got our packets.(which included our race number and shirts)  

Race started at 9am. This was J’s first official 5k. He sped past me at the beginning. Then slowed. Took some coaxing to keep him going. Walking here and there. But after 36 mins we crossed the finish line. Not my best time But it was worth getting to run with J. We plan on doing another one together this year. This time a bit more training is in store. 

We then headed to our fav cafe for a bite to eat. Next we headed home to rest up before the parade. Where I ended up taking a nap. Getting old ha! 

After said nap. I got up did chores and off to the parade we went. It’s not a huge parade but it’s fun. J got a lot of candy from it. Not sure which he enjoyed more the candy or the parade. I’m leaning towards the candy. 

Next was the rodeo. I’m a bit disappointed with that. It wasn’t very good. The riders did well. Just wished there had been more contestants. And the entertainment they had was nothing to get excited about. The clown they had wasn’t funny he was very vulgar. I didn’t like that. 

Once the rodeo was done our day had come to an end  and off to bed we went. 

Sunday was chore day. We went and picked up plants for the garden (tomatoes and peppers. Then some flowers for the flower beds in front of the house) as you read and seen in my prior blog. 

We also got parts for the boat so the guys could put the chairs in. 

Once home we began working. Stopping to chase ducklings as we had people coming to purchase them. 6 sold to one guy who had two muscovy drakes already. And needing some hens. The next 12 went to a fella wanting to raise them to eat. 

I had to enlist hubby and J to help wrangle baby ducks. Let me tell you trying to grab a tiny fluff ball is no easy task. Nor is it enjoyable to hear the moms calling for their babies:( breaks my heart. But there’s no way I can keep all the babies. I’d become over run with ducks. Though I’d have less bug issues. 

Speaking of bugs. Just the other day I was talking to hubby about how I never see lightning bugs anymore. I remember growing up and having an abundance of them. Going out and catching them. So you can see them light up in your hands. 

I hadn’t seen any in years even when we lived in our trailer in town. Nothing. Then just the other night there was 1 just 1. But it was the most amazing moment. I got J’s attention so he could see. 

Alright back to Sunday. After ducklings were off to their new homes. Chores done. Dinner made and ate. Then watered the gardens. Which turned into playing in the water with J. I think he ended up watered better then the plants ha! 

It was a fun and productive weekend. Thus week doesn’t appear to be any less busy. Today we are working on cleaning out the  grainery/straw barn. T-ball later. And picking up our newest farm member. 

With that said I best get going so we can perhaps get the barn done today. 

P.s. we also seen this big snapping turtle yesterday. Laying her eggs on the side of the road. 

More baby ducklings. 

21 ducklings so far.

Yesterday we had a other mama duck come out with her babies. She has 5 total. 

She had was keeping them in the goat pasture to start with. A bit unnerving for me. As I’m worried the babies will get stepped on. But thankfully all are fine. 

And she now keeps them outside the goat pen. They’ve made their rounds through the yard. So far all moms and babies are all doing good. Also getting along so far. No one’s tried chasing the other mom and babies away. 

Then we have lone baby duck. 

Who we are raising ourselves. As the momma ducks won’t except him. But that’s ok. Cuz he has it made. As you can clearly see. 

On my walk about. Checking ducks and ducklings. I ran into a another nesting duck. She was hid away in tall grass by my goat pen. Glad I wasn’t able to get my weed eater going as that was where I intended to cut down the grass. 

So I know I have at least 3 on nests. So before to long we should have even more baby ducks. Sadly I now must post them for sale. Cuz otherwise we will have a hundred ducks come the end of summer. 

At this point we have 37 ducks!! And to think we started with only 5. 

Baby ducklings. 

New addtions!

Our first hatching this year. A total of 16. Which doubles our flock. 

These two mama ducks are actually co-parenting. They sat a nest together. And now tending to the babies together. It’s amazing watching them. Makes me wonder why as humans we tend to struggle with co-parenting. 

But anyways. One of the 16 babies is a special needs one. He/she has legs that spread apart when it tries to walk. There’s a chance I maybe able to help fix it’s legs. Something I seen while watching doc Pol. So I’ll give it a try. I’m also choosing to tend to it myself. Since it kept getting left behind(survival of the fittest). And for the safety of the chick ive put it in a secure location outside. With its own food water and tiny pond. 

Oh and it’s own snuggle bunny lol 

He needed a companion. 

So that’s the newest additions and adventures on the farm. More ducklings expected to hatch…..

Some of the many adventures on the farm. 

Just my life.

Excuse me!!! I’m nesting here!!! 

Of all places for this duck to decide to nest. In the center of my cows hay bale. Try explaining to a cow that it needs to be careful when eating it’s hay! Ha! 

It is priceless though watching the cows try and figure out what’s hissing at them inside their hay bale. (As muscovy ducks don’t quack they make hissing type noises) just a little tid bit for those that haven’t been around these kinda ducks. 

I have a couple ducks nesting under my grainery. Which wasn’t what I had hoped for but had to cave due to the fact my dog decided to become an egg eater this year. So it’s one place she cannot get to.  

Another duck choose under my porch in the garage. Not safest place to pick. So I had to make up a nest type box. To help protect her and her eggs from kids and dogs.  Thankfully she s now use to me walking through to milk goats. As my milk stand is right by the porch. 

 Anxiously awaiting the arrival of black pigs babies. She is due the 20th of this month. So this Saturday. She could go sooner or later. 

Just a waiting game. I’m hoping she has them on a warm day. The last few days have been cold and windy. Lows in mid 30’s highs just hitting high 40’s low 50’s. 

Any guesses as to how many piglets she’ll have. The most she s had is 9 i believe. The least was 3(that was her first farrowing)  

Friend or Foe? Yesterday this little cat showed up. First appearance was in my cow barn. Scared me as I was not expecting it. I tried to coax it to me. But it’s terrified of people. 

I of course laid out some extra cat food for the little thing. Figured if it’s gonna be here it needs to eat. And be friendly so I know it won’t cause harm to my other cats. Or my ducks. 

Today the cat snuck up under the car in the garage behind where I milk. I again tried to get it to come me. But nope. It however did not run right away. It walked over and climbed on a box and began falling asleep. I snuck over and gently petted it’s head. 

Not sure who jumped more. The cat or myself. Cuz as soon as I touched her(or him) not sure gender. She jumped up in the air and ran away. Definitely got my heart going that’s for sure.  

So the saga continues. Will the cat be a friend or a foe?  Will it be a girl and end up having a litter of kittens?(hope not!!) 

J learning to mow. He’s almost 6 and a half. And was thrilled to finally get the chance to mow. A true country boy. I never enjoyed mowing so to see him loving it so is amusing.  Not gonna lie it’s scary for me. Cuz I see all that can go wrong. Of course. But he’s never alone we are nearby at all times. 

After he mowed a few times. He determined he was ready to drive the cars now. Ha! Slow down there little man. You got a bit to go before you can just hop in and drive one! 

Today I also went in and volunteered at my son’s class. Last chance I had before school is done for this year. It was Beach day. Not the greatest weather for that. But kids still had fun. A lot of the kids want to come to our house to play with the animals. 

Which once school is done I have no problem with that. Give J something to do. Aside from getting into trouble. 

Also lost power this morning. For 3 hours. Of all mornings also. I needed to shower before heading to the school. 

But anyways. I must get a certain little boy off to bed. School tomorrow.