Odds and Ends



Cocoa’ s new dog bed. Though we laughed and figured she won’t use it and just choose the couch. So J decided to put her bed in his room for her. Which she choose to lay on his floor vs her doggie bed. Oh well guess it’s the thought that counts. 

J found a turtle in the yard yesterday. Totally made his day. 

We managed to get the yard mowed again. Seems like it’ll need mowed once a week. Which isn’t so bad with J helping. 

Saturday is our first 5k of the year. J’s first official 5k. He’s done color runs. When he was 3ish. Otherwise he rode in the jogging stroller when I ran in 5ks. 

He’s excited. I’m nervous. He’s a fast runner. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up. And if I do I may die at the end ha! See me crawling across the finish line. 

Also got the rodeo and parade after the run. So a very busy day tomorrow. We should sleep well that’s for sure.