First outting in our boat. 

Fun on the water.

A day out boating/fishing. We just bought the boat last week. And go to take it out today. First to the lake. Where my hubby caught a 3lb northern. J got to drive the boat. And I spent my time trying to catch a fish and just enjoying the sun. 

Next we headed to the river. Trying to catch some cat fish. My one best friend asked for cat fish for their family. So I was on a mission. Sadly I came up empty handed. J caught 2 both 2 small. One was just 3 inches long. And the other was just over 4 ounces. Not good eaters. J also caught a 1lb carp. While hubby and I caught nothing. Ha! Isn’t that how it goes? 

I did have to hike back to the car to get our cat fish bait. (Its a weird recipe and smells so strongly of garlic). Its suppose to attract cat fish. But….lol…. 

I did think about on my way back with the bait that if vampires were a thing. I’d be safe. Cuz of said bait Ha! 

Also got to see a couple deer walk across. 

When we went to pull up the anchor. Which was my job. I teased and said it was my line to catch the loch Ness monster. That turned into quite the experience. Cuz at the lake the northern had wrapped the stringer around it. So when I pulled the anchor up there waa the northern attached to it. Caught me by surprise. 

Next. As I brought up or tried to bring the anchor up at the river. I couldn’t get it to budge. I pulled and jerked. And yanked. For the life of me i couldn’t get it up. I had my feet braced on the side of the boat to give me leverage. Pulled…. nothing…. 

I was like well crap I’ve gone and done it I caught the loch Ness monster. And this sucker is heavy. Which brought on laughter from hubby and J. 

Sadly to report though the loch Ness monster got away. He’s free to terrioze another poor anchor person. Ha! 

(And just an fyi it’s all just humor. With the loch Ness monster and the vampire thing) gotta create your own fun and adventures. 

It was a great day. And now I’m exhausted going to crawl into bed and sleep. 

Another busy day ahead tomorrow. …

So good night. I’ll be back to share more adventures with you all. Also in due time i will do a blog on me personally. Give you a more in-depth view of the gal behind the blog. And a few pictures. So you can have a face to go with my stories.