Duck and piglet pictures. 

Critter pictures. 

Cow barn duck (also known tux)  her eggs should hatch around July 18th. I already have two people lined up to purchase ducklings.  

Then here’s the 7 piglets that went to their new home tuesday. 


Days are flying by. 

Just life.

We have been super busy lately. Seems like we haven’t had much down time. Last Saturday I went to an auction with a friend, while the guys went fishing with one of theirs.  We all had a great day. I scored some nice stuff. The guys caught some nice fish. 

Oh speaking of fish the weekend before last hubby caught a 5lb 2ounce large mouth bass. We are getting it mounted. 

Then this Sunday we went out with hubby’s family to chuck e cheese for a blended birthday fun, not sure who had more fun. The adults or J ha! 

J went over to visit his grandparents. While hubby and I came home to do chores. J ended up eating an entire box of Swiss cake rolls thanks to his grandma (to say I wasn’t to happy is an understatement). Especially after he threw up in bed in the middle of the night. 

Then Monday J’s friend came over to play. So two boys who are both 6 and a half years old. All day. Where do they get all their energy from. They never stopped moving. While they played. I cleaned out our 3 season porch. Cleaned the goat pasture. Once his friend left we headed straight for tball practice. 

Tuesday I tilled the 4th garden. J and I went for a bike ride. Then the buyers for the 7 piglets came and picked them up. We were also invited for a friends birthday party. But I was to tired to go. 

Wednesday I shampooed all carpets and rugs. Swept and mopped floors. Cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. Then had tball game to go to.  

Today has been a bit slower.  Just the basic farm chores. Gonna rearrange a few things so we can move the hutch I bought at the auction into the house. 

Oh and now we have the lawn mower saga 2.0. As j and I were mowing last Thursday we got half the lawn mowed. As I was mowing up the driveway the mower stopped working. The blades wouldn’t spin. I look and find a pulleye broke. 

It’s not one of the easy ones to fix. You have to take the motor of and even then we don’t know if we can fix it .

So I figured I’d try and get the black mower going. Get the battery put in it  then had to look for a belt to put on it. 

That proved harder then expected. Every belt we had on the farm wasn’t the right size. Went to town the next day drop off the fish to be mounted. Then get a belt. Well that didn’t pan out to say the least. 

No belt for the black mower and red mower is completely broke. This all leads to us mower shopping. We are just looming at which one we want. Then to order.  

Then the fun of mowing the yard. Which needs to be mowed! Just batting a thousand this year with the mower.  Winter I had a plow truck that was constantly breaking down. Talk about frustrating.  

Tomorrow. We may go into town to go garage saleing.  Then it’ll be the weekend. Which sounds like we will be fishing. Shocker right ha! 

Here’s a pic of the 4th garden tilled up. The radishes are done. We can freely pick and eat them. 

Little pigs.

7 healthy 4 week old piglets.

The little piglets are growing well. They will be leaving to their new home next Saturday. 

I will likely separate them from their mom come Wednesday. To give them a few days to get used to being on their own. Before they leave. 

Cracks me up they still sleep in a big pig pile. That’s all 7 of them!! You’d think that’d be uncomfortable. Ha! This picture waa taken today. 

This next picture was shortly after they were born(4 weeks ago). To show they have a thing for snuggling. 

Also looks like outta the 7 I only got one girl. Also known as a gilt. She looks just like her mommy. 

I got them moved over to the other side of the pig barn so I could clean the side they had been on.  This also gives me the ability to move the piglets to a separate spot from mom. But still inside the pig barn. 

This was my attempt at getting a picture of them all. As you count you’ll see I’m missing one and some are blurry. They aren’t very cooperative subjects, for picture taking. 

I find piglets so cute. I’ve had a love for pigs since I was 7. When my family got our first pig. Miss Piggy. She was suppose to just be raised to eat. So should’ve had her for say 6 months. We had her for 3 years. 

She was my pet. She’d follow me every where, I even sat on her back. I loved that pig. 

She led me to raising pigs. Since her I’ve raised pigs off and on my entire life. Since moving to this farm though. It was the first time I finally owned and bred my own pigs. Usually I just bought feeder pigs to raise up and butcher. Or id plan to breed but never did. 

I don’t find the older pigs as cute as I once did. I use to not have any fear of them, And their massive size and strength. But we had a incdient when trying to castrate the male piglets. The sows became very aggressive. Scary aggressive. I’d never seen this before. But I had never been this far into the pig farming. 

I now have a new respect for them. I understood why they reacted the way they did  I’d do the same for my young. I couldn’t fault them for that. 

I feel it was a good eye opener for myself. Because I do believe I put myself in harm’s way to many times.  Now I’m more cautious. Which is not a bad thing. 

I won’t go in with my older pigs without a way to get out quickly. Or to keep them from crowding my space. 

I don’t allow kids in my pig barn unless accompanied by an adult. Which is wise regardless of the animal.  

But with all that said. I do enjoy raising my pigs. I take pride in selling their piglets. And having regular customers that anticipate the next litters. To raise pigs people enjoy. Who acknowledge the work involved and the great breed that I own. It means a lot. 

Our next litter is due September. Then no breeding till January. For either sow. We all need a break. This will also allow me time to redo pens. 

So stay tuned. As there will be more pig news in the months to come.