Long time update.

So it’s been over a year since I last posted. A lot has gone on so itll take a bit to fully update.

But the biggest change. Was our newest addition to the family.

James J. Was born in April of this year. Making us a family of 4.

We also had kidding season again this year. Giving us 2 new doelings to breed. And 3 bucklings. Sold 2 bucklings they went to a new home together. Kept the 3rd little buckling as a pet for our oldest son. As he fell in love with the little guy.

Then we had our first calving on the farm. Our heifer had a nice size bull calf.

We have fox problems this year which has taken out a lot of my birds. The few remaining I had to put into chicken tractors to keep them safe till we get rid of the fox issue.

We still have our pigs and had a litter of piglets. That I am raising to sell as butcher hogs.

Also have our 2 large gardens.

And have decided to start raising guinea birds. Not only are they beautiful but they are guard birds to help alert when there are predators.

My hubby also started a YouTube channel as well you should check it out.

Watch “Weekend warrior outdoors” on YouTube


It’s about hunting, fishing, metal detecting and anything that’s an adventure. His moto “take a kid on an outdoor adventure”. As every adventure our oldest son is along and enjoying each moment. And once our youngest is able he’ll be going on the adventures also.

So my blog will not only be about my ramblings on the farm, but also posts on our YouTube channel.

Stay tuned.


A little tid bit from the farm. 

Random stuff from the farm.

Weeded the onions today. Next to till the paths between. 

Weeded the vining plants also today. 

Gardens are coming along nicely. Right now it’s just a matter of keeping weeds pulled. Later comes the harvesting and canning. Last year we didn’t do much for canning. As we still had a lot from.the year before. But this year we will need to do lots of canning. 

Remington and his pen mate seem to have buddies up finally. But it still doesn’t keep him from jumping out. I tried him in his new pen and he jumped right out. 

I don’t know what I’m gonna do. How does one break a goat from jumping outta his pen. I’ve never had this issue before. 

But good heavens if he doesn’t stop I’m gonna go crazy. I’ve to much stuff going on to be constantly putting him back in his pen. And makes leaving the farm difficult cuz he can be escaping while I’m not home. He could get hurt or run away. 

So that’s my newest challenge. On top of needing to clean the shop up. As it was the catch all for the stuff removed from the hunting/fishing shed(use to be known as the wood shed). And the stuff from the garage. And the stuff from the grainery. 

Grainery nice and clean. Ready to be filled up with straw. I’ve not seen it this clean since we moved here 3 years ago. Ha! 

Also removing the old raised flower beds. We used them a couple times. But didn’t care for them. So I’m working on taking them apart. It’ll end up being where the duck pond goes.  

It’s like a billion things to do. And not enough time to do them all. Doesn’t help that your running on a short warm season. Gotta get it all done before winter. Or it has to wait till next year. 

But anyways that’s all for now. Must get to bed And hopefully sleep off this headache. I’ll blog more tomorrow. 

So to be continued….. 

Never a dull moment. 

More adventures on the farm.

So yesterday we managed to get the grainery/strawbale barn cleaned out. Found way to many mouse nests. With mice still in some. No I’m not afraid of mice. Just not thrilled with them eating holes in things. And going potty on everything. 

Cocoa our dog loves to chase them. She’s managed to get a few. 

Then later that day we had tball practice. That went well. J got to play catcher and first base. He’s gotten so much better this year. 

After that was done we had to head and get our newest farm addition. The drive was nice. I did use Google maps. Cuz well me and directions don’t see eye to eye. Honestly maps and I don’t mesh well either. Ask hubby how it’s gone for him when asking me to be in control of the map/directions. Ha! 

I must say that field road was pretty fun. It wasn’t to over grown with weeds. And we still managed to get to our destination. I think that’s what counts. 

But anyways. We arrived at the gals house a tad early. So we decided to back track to town and grab a snack. 

We got back to her place to sit and wait and wait and wait. She was suppose to be there at 8 then it was 8:30ish. Then I don’t know. She didn’t arrive till 9:15pm. 

Not great for us being that i still needed to milk. J needed to get to bed. I’d still need to get Remington our newest member settled in at our place. Not to mention the drive home. 

Such is life. After getting Remington in our crate. Her showing me her goats. She’s also into the minimanchas. So if she ends up with some registered ones I may purchase some. So that I can get the herd I want. 

We didn’t get home till 10:30. I drug my kidding pen into the garage for the night. So that way if Remington got out he’d still be in the safety of the garage. 

And low and behold. Remington jumps clear outta the pen. Thankfully he’s super tame so he was easy to catch. I put him back in his pen. Turn around and he jumps right back out. He gives you this look like what I’m just gonna follow you around. No problem. 

I had to give J the job of watching Remington in his pen. So to keep him from jumping out. That way I could milk. 

Milking done. I then grabbed my little doeling that will be Remingtons pen mate for now. I thought he’d stay in the pen now that he had a buddy. Nope I was wrong. He stuck his nose up at her. And jumped right out. 

Seriously. I’ve owned goats for 3 years now. I’ve never had such an issue. I’m grateful he’s tame so I could get him back in.  I had to put a top on the pen to stop the jumping out. 

Once the top was in place the kids settled down for the night. The little doeling wasn’t to pleased this was the first time away from her mom. But she’s fine now. She calls for her mom from time to time. 

This was a great thing for my doeling (sadly she’s not named yet.)  But she has tamed up. She doesn’t run from us now. 

This morning both kids are good. I think I’ll keep them in their pen till Thursday. Since the weather isn’t very good today. And I have to be gone tomorrow. 

Not gonna lie though I’m exhausted. I didn’t get to bed till midnight.  Then was up at 5 switching laundry around. And getting hubby off to work.  

Now J has his friend over for the day. So hoping it goes well. 

But I’m must run and keep an eye on them both. To make sure boredom doesn’t strike. Ha! 

This is Remington. I’ll get better pictures of him later today once I’m not tending to two 6 and a half year olds. 

This is my little doeling. As you can see they haven’t quite warmed up to each other yet. Sleeping on opposites sides of their pen. 

These two will be a breeding pair. I’m curious to see what their kids will look like. I truly hope they get their dad’s blue eyes. 

Baby goat and cocoa. 

Never a dull moment.

This video cracks me up everyone I watch it. Our dog cocoa was a bit unsure of the baby goat. She did her best not to let the baby touch her. 

She wasn’t to keen on me letting the little goats inside. Ha! Totally intruding on her turf. The goat in the video was one from the kidding this spring. I sold him to a nice family. 

Farm critters. 

More animal introductions.

This here is Max. Our pony. He is 16 years old. We bought him last year at an livestock auction. He waa in pretty tough shape. But after some tlc he was great. J loves to sit and take rides on him. Still looking for a pony saddle so I can feel a bit safer with him riding max. 

He just had his hooves trimmed Tuesday. And a good brushing before put out in the pasture with our heifer and steer.  

Here is our heifer(baby girl) she was a twin to another heifer but her twin died. She is a full jersey.  She is 3 years old. We are getting a jersey bull to breed her. Hopefully be breeding her come July of this year. 

And then you have Edgar our black Angus steer. He’s just over a year. And if he grows as we expect. He’ll be headed off to the butcher. Which is hard cause I’ve raised him. He was a bottle baby. We bought him at the same auction we got Max at. 

Here are the 7 piglets. They’ll be 2 weeks old this Saturday. They will be headed to their new home around June 24th. They are going to one of my regular customers. He may even take the piglets that are expected to arrive in September. It’s looking like outta this litter there was only 2 gilts and the rest boars. They tend to have more males then females. 

This is Remington he’s gonna be the newest member on the farm. He’s a register Nigerian buck. He has BLUE eyes!! Which is awesome. So hopefully his babies have blue eyes. We’ll know next spring. He gets to breed 2. One lamancha and then my newest Nigerian doe. 

This is cocoa. Shes a chocolate lab mix. She was a rescue pup. We got her a month after we had J. It was interesting, newborn baby and a pup. I don’t suggest it! 

Oh  Don’t let this picture fool you i don’t feed her lol. Okay okay yes I do. Ha! Hubby says it’s extremely obvious cuz everytime I have food this is where you’ll find her.  I’m like nah it’s cause she loves me so very much! Ha!  

So there’s a few more of our of critters. 

Lawn crew.

Laid back kinda day.

Today was a bit laid back. The usual chores. Getting black pig moved into the pig barn so she can have her piglets. Which was easier said then done. Since the other 2 pigs wanted to come in also. And being just one person wrangling 700 plus pound pigs, it was no easy feat. But it’s done and all is ready for the piglets to arrive.

Chatted with my mom. We hadn’t had a chance to chat on the phone for quite sometime. Lives get busy! Decided to enjoy the weather and sit outside to talk on the phone. Managed to get sunburned. Yeah sucks a bit. Oh well.

Then last but not least. I got my hubby today. Texted him and said that I wasn’t to impressed with my volunteer lawn crew.  They seem to have ADD or something. They won’t stay on one task. They go from spot to another spot in the yard. Never sticking to one spot and finishing the trimming.

And since we never discussed getting a lawn crew. He was confused to say the least. So I had to follow up with a picture. 20170511_210322

With the title lawn crew.  Ha!

I had let my ladies out to roam the yard. They were quite pleased. They would see me come back outside and come running to greet me. They also stood by me while I chatted on the phone. The ladies are very sweet, and stay in the yard which is nice.  They were even no e enough to out themselves away tonight.

This next picture is a favorite of mine. Taken today during milk time. 20170511_170911

This is What it looks like when your trying to patiently wait your turn to be milked. Ha! Too cute if you ask me.

Never a dull moment when you live on a farm.

But anyways I’m off to bed early morning tomorrow. As it’s muffins with mom at my son’s school.


Today’s happenings


14939272541061615646714Today I get the joy of babysitting my best friends little girl. Will call her K she’s going to be 3 come september. So she’s getting quite the personality. Lots of sass. After having gone through most stuff with my son (we’ll call him J) I learned things that worked vs didn’t work. So K doesn’t most times get away with as much as J did. Due to what I’ve learned.

The moments where I wished I’d had known all this when raising my son. But live and learn I guess.

I never thought I’d get to be a mom. Honestly, I had actually come to terms of not being a mom. Well was working on that. But then surprisingly enough I got pregnant. After almost 6 years of trying. And 3 miscarriages.

But we’ll talk about all that at another time.

So today. In the process of babysitting. Which is always fun. She’s a good child. Listens well for the most part. She played. Chased ducks, played in the dirt. Watched me work.

I spent my time feeding and watering all the critters. Then proceeded to till all the gardens up. I’ll have to post pictures of them. I had to find a chore that I could do but still be able to keep an eye on K. Cleaning pig barn was out as trying to keep track of where K is would be to hard.

Each day i get one step closer to being “caught up” on farm chores. It’s hard staying motivated at times cuz well there’s always a million things to do! And I never feel like I get anywhere. It all lands on my shoulders. So if the farm excels it’s on me. If it fails it’s also on me.

My big goal for the farm this year, well two goals. First get more pig pens made. So I can separate all the pigs. That way they can be outside vs hanging out in the house. That i hate cleaning. Also will give me the option to only breed my sows once a year vs twice. And they need a break, so do I.

Next is to enlarge goat pens set up a summer pasture. Get a pasture set for the bucks. Then I get to work on creating my own unique herd. We raise lamanchas, Nigerians and minimanchas. I’m gonna try and get a good combination of each. I will be getting another registered Nigerian buck come June 1st. On the lookout for a registered lamancha. So that way next year when I have minimanchas I can register them. They’ll have to be registerd as experimental. Only ones that can be pure breed or American are F6(the 6th geneatuons of minimanchas) which will be difficult to achieve. I’ll get into that at another time.

But all in all. Today was a great success. Gardens tilled. And dinner in the crockpot. May seem like nothing but it’s the small victories that help me achieve the big victories.

So that’s all for now as I still have a bit of time left before I have to get my son from the bus.

Soooo…to be continued……