Long time update.

So it’s been over a year since I last posted. A lot has gone on so itll take a bit to fully update.

But the biggest change. Was our newest addition to the family.

James J. Was born in April of this year. Making us a family of 4.

We also had kidding season again this year. Giving us 2 new doelings to breed. And 3 bucklings. Sold 2 bucklings they went to a new home together. Kept the 3rd little buckling as a pet for our oldest son. As he fell in love with the little guy.

Then we had our first calving on the farm. Our heifer had a nice size bull calf.

We have fox problems this year which has taken out a lot of my birds. The few remaining I had to put into chicken tractors to keep them safe till we get rid of the fox issue.

We still have our pigs and had a litter of piglets. That I am raising to sell as butcher hogs.

Also have our 2 large gardens.

And have decided to start raising guinea birds. Not only are they beautiful but they are guard birds to help alert when there are predators.

My hubby also started a YouTube channel as well you should check it out.

Watch “Weekend warrior outdoors” on YouTube


It’s about hunting, fishing, metal detecting and anything that’s an adventure. His moto “take a kid on an outdoor adventure”. As every adventure our oldest son is along and enjoying each moment. And once our youngest is able he’ll be going on the adventures also.

So my blog will not only be about my ramblings on the farm, but also posts on our YouTube channel.

Stay tuned.

Small garden update. 

Just a quick little update on the gardens. 

Green beans are coming along. Won’t be to much longer and I’ll be harvesting them.  Then the fun of canning begins. 

Tomatoes are also doing well

I’m very happy with our gardens this year. All are doing well. I’m looking forward to harvesting and enjoying all the produce out of them. 

Lawn mower saga 2.0

Lawn mower 1 Yard 0

Last week was a very busy week. Majority was lots of yard work. As the new mower was to arrive Friday. So J and I was picking up the yard. Moving hay bales onto pallets and to the back of the yard. Took fencing down around gardens. 

Knocked weeds down around the cow pasture. 

Weeded the gardens. 

Here’s the new mower. 

It’s really nice. Hubby was able to get the whole yard mowed in 3 hours. Which is really good considering how large our yard is. 

Before mowing around the corn garden. 


The other gardens before mowing. 


Yard and gardens look great. Some minor weed eating needing done now around buildings. But it’s nice to be all caught up on gardens and yard! Now here’s hoping no more lawn mower issues. 

Days are flying by. 

Just life.

We have been super busy lately. Seems like we haven’t had much down time. Last Saturday I went to an auction with a friend, while the guys went fishing with one of theirs.  We all had a great day. I scored some nice stuff. The guys caught some nice fish. 

Oh speaking of fish the weekend before last hubby caught a 5lb 2ounce large mouth bass. We are getting it mounted. 

Then this Sunday we went out with hubby’s family to chuck e cheese for a blended birthday fun, not sure who had more fun. The adults or J ha! 

J went over to visit his grandparents. While hubby and I came home to do chores. J ended up eating an entire box of Swiss cake rolls thanks to his grandma (to say I wasn’t to happy is an understatement). Especially after he threw up in bed in the middle of the night. 

Then Monday J’s friend came over to play. So two boys who are both 6 and a half years old. All day. Where do they get all their energy from. They never stopped moving. While they played. I cleaned out our 3 season porch. Cleaned the goat pasture. Once his friend left we headed straight for tball practice. 

Tuesday I tilled the 4th garden. J and I went for a bike ride. Then the buyers for the 7 piglets came and picked them up. We were also invited for a friends birthday party. But I was to tired to go. 

Wednesday I shampooed all carpets and rugs. Swept and mopped floors. Cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. Then had tball game to go to.  

Today has been a bit slower.  Just the basic farm chores. Gonna rearrange a few things so we can move the hutch I bought at the auction into the house. 

Oh and now we have the lawn mower saga 2.0. As j and I were mowing last Thursday we got half the lawn mowed. As I was mowing up the driveway the mower stopped working. The blades wouldn’t spin. I look and find a pulleye broke. 

It’s not one of the easy ones to fix. You have to take the motor of and even then we don’t know if we can fix it .

So I figured I’d try and get the black mower going. Get the battery put in it  then had to look for a belt to put on it. 

That proved harder then expected. Every belt we had on the farm wasn’t the right size. Went to town the next day drop off the fish to be mounted. Then get a belt. Well that didn’t pan out to say the least. 

No belt for the black mower and red mower is completely broke. This all leads to us mower shopping. We are just looming at which one we want. Then to order.  

Then the fun of mowing the yard. Which needs to be mowed! Just batting a thousand this year with the mower.  Winter I had a plow truck that was constantly breaking down. Talk about frustrating.  

Tomorrow. We may go into town to go garage saleing.  Then it’ll be the weekend. Which sounds like we will be fishing. Shocker right ha! 

Here’s a pic of the 4th garden tilled up. The radishes are done. We can freely pick and eat them. 

A little tid bit from the farm. 

Random stuff from the farm.

Weeded the onions today. Next to till the paths between. 

Weeded the vining plants also today. 

Gardens are coming along nicely. Right now it’s just a matter of keeping weeds pulled. Later comes the harvesting and canning. Last year we didn’t do much for canning. As we still had a lot from.the year before. But this year we will need to do lots of canning. 

Remington and his pen mate seem to have buddies up finally. But it still doesn’t keep him from jumping out. I tried him in his new pen and he jumped right out. 

I don’t know what I’m gonna do. How does one break a goat from jumping outta his pen. I’ve never had this issue before. 

But good heavens if he doesn’t stop I’m gonna go crazy. I’ve to much stuff going on to be constantly putting him back in his pen. And makes leaving the farm difficult cuz he can be escaping while I’m not home. He could get hurt or run away. 

So that’s my newest challenge. On top of needing to clean the shop up. As it was the catch all for the stuff removed from the hunting/fishing shed(use to be known as the wood shed). And the stuff from the garage. And the stuff from the grainery. 

Grainery nice and clean. Ready to be filled up with straw. I’ve not seen it this clean since we moved here 3 years ago. Ha! 

Also removing the old raised flower beds. We used them a couple times. But didn’t care for them. So I’m working on taking them apart. It’ll end up being where the duck pond goes.  

It’s like a billion things to do. And not enough time to do them all. Doesn’t help that your running on a short warm season. Gotta get it all done before winter. Or it has to wait till next year. 

But anyways that’s all for now. Must get to bed And hopefully sleep off this headache. I’ll blog more tomorrow. 

So to be continued….. 

More garden stuff. 

Finally done planting.

So today I finally bought my tomato and pepper plants. 

Also got them planted and watered. 4 cherry tomato plants, 4 big red, 4 early girl and 4 Roma. 

Then 8 green bell pepper.  

Hubby mentioned that once they are full grown I may not be able to till on the far sixes of them. My solution. I’ll just make the garden spot bigger. 

With that being said. I am going to enlarge the gardens. The 3 that are close together. (1 large 2 small ones)  I’m just gonna merge them all together into one huge garden. Since it can be difficult to mow between them anyways. Either cuz of vining plants. Or fences. 

Its just better to make more garden space. Then on the other side of the drive way. Where the medium garden is located. I’m gonna enlarge that as well. To make it better suited for the corn to be over there next year. 

Now all this enlarging stuff won’t likely occur till closer to fall. So to avoid weeds coming up. And added work through the summer. Got enough on my plate at the moment. 

We also got the 2 flower beds up by the house planted today. 

These I had help with. Hubby and J tilled them up. Then helped lay the flowers out and plant. 

Now to wait and see how they look once they fill out better. 

Well there is more to the weekend happenings here. But I’m tired and must head to bed…..

So to be continued……

Gardening letdown. 

Had to replant corn

Well I and J went through to weed the corn. To find very few had come up. Some rows only had one corn stock in it  compared to the 20 some that should’ve been in each row. 

So we weeded, tilled and replanted. The corn. This time I planted more in each row to up the chances of getting more corn stocks. 

Now hoping that they mature in time. Otherwise we won’t have much for corn this year. 

Also retilled the potatoes and onions. And mounded potatoes up. 

Next to till the other large garden.