Odds and Ends



Cocoa’ s new dog bed. Though we laughed and figured she won’t use it and just choose the couch. So J decided to put her bed in his room for her. Which she choose to lay on his floor vs her doggie bed. Oh well guess it’s the thought that counts. 

J found a turtle in the yard yesterday. Totally made his day. 

We managed to get the yard mowed again. Seems like it’ll need mowed once a week. Which isn’t so bad with J helping. 

Saturday is our first 5k of the year. J’s first official 5k. He’s done color runs. When he was 3ish. Otherwise he rode in the jogging stroller when I ran in 5ks. 

He’s excited. I’m nervous. He’s a fast runner. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up. And if I do I may die at the end ha! See me crawling across the finish line. 

Also got the rodeo and parade after the run. So a very busy day tomorrow. We should sleep well that’s for sure.  

More baby ducklings. 

21 ducklings so far.

Yesterday we had a other mama duck come out with her babies. She has 5 total. 

She had was keeping them in the goat pasture to start with. A bit unnerving for me. As I’m worried the babies will get stepped on. But thankfully all are fine. 

And she now keeps them outside the goat pen. They’ve made their rounds through the yard. So far all moms and babies are all doing good. Also getting along so far. No one’s tried chasing the other mom and babies away. 

Then we have lone baby duck. 

Who we are raising ourselves. As the momma ducks won’t except him. But that’s ok. Cuz he has it made. As you can clearly see. 

On my walk about. Checking ducks and ducklings. I ran into a another nesting duck. She was hid away in tall grass by my goat pen. Glad I wasn’t able to get my weed eater going as that was where I intended to cut down the grass. 

So I know I have at least 3 on nests. So before to long we should have even more baby ducks. Sadly I now must post them for sale. Cuz otherwise we will have a hundred ducks come the end of summer. 

At this point we have 37 ducks!! And to think we started with only 5. 

Gardening letdown. 

Had to replant corn

Well I and J went through to weed the corn. To find very few had come up. Some rows only had one corn stock in it  compared to the 20 some that should’ve been in each row. 

So we weeded, tilled and replanted. The corn. This time I planted more in each row to up the chances of getting more corn stocks. 

Now hoping that they mature in time. Otherwise we won’t have much for corn this year. 

Also retilled the potatoes and onions. And mounded potatoes up. 

Next to till the other large garden. 

Baby goat and cocoa. 

Never a dull moment.

This video cracks me up everyone I watch it. Our dog cocoa was a bit unsure of the baby goat. She did her best not to let the baby touch her. 

She wasn’t to keen on me letting the little goats inside. Ha! Totally intruding on her turf. The goat in the video was one from the kidding this spring. I sold him to a nice family. 

Baby ducklings. 

New addtions!

Our first hatching this year. A total of 16. Which doubles our flock. 

These two mama ducks are actually co-parenting. They sat a nest together. And now tending to the babies together. It’s amazing watching them. Makes me wonder why as humans we tend to struggle with co-parenting. 

But anyways. One of the 16 babies is a special needs one. He/she has legs that spread apart when it tries to walk. There’s a chance I maybe able to help fix it’s legs. Something I seen while watching doc Pol. So I’ll give it a try. I’m also choosing to tend to it myself. Since it kept getting left behind(survival of the fittest). And for the safety of the chick ive put it in a secure location outside. With its own food water and tiny pond. 

Oh and it’s own snuggle bunny lol 

He needed a companion. 

So that’s the newest additions and adventures on the farm. More ducklings expected to hatch…..

Farm critters. 

More animal introductions.

This here is Max. Our pony. He is 16 years old. We bought him last year at an livestock auction. He waa in pretty tough shape. But after some tlc he was great. J loves to sit and take rides on him. Still looking for a pony saddle so I can feel a bit safer with him riding max. 

He just had his hooves trimmed Tuesday. And a good brushing before put out in the pasture with our heifer and steer.  

Here is our heifer(baby girl) she was a twin to another heifer but her twin died. She is a full jersey.  She is 3 years old. We are getting a jersey bull to breed her. Hopefully be breeding her come July of this year. 

And then you have Edgar our black Angus steer. He’s just over a year. And if he grows as we expect. He’ll be headed off to the butcher. Which is hard cause I’ve raised him. He was a bottle baby. We bought him at the same auction we got Max at. 

Here are the 7 piglets. They’ll be 2 weeks old this Saturday. They will be headed to their new home around June 24th. They are going to one of my regular customers. He may even take the piglets that are expected to arrive in September. It’s looking like outta this litter there was only 2 gilts and the rest boars. They tend to have more males then females. 

This is Remington he’s gonna be the newest member on the farm. He’s a register Nigerian buck. He has BLUE eyes!! Which is awesome. So hopefully his babies have blue eyes. We’ll know next spring. He gets to breed 2. One lamancha and then my newest Nigerian doe. 

This is cocoa. Shes a chocolate lab mix. She was a rescue pup. We got her a month after we had J. It was interesting, newborn baby and a pup. I don’t suggest it! 

Oh  Don’t let this picture fool you i don’t feed her lol. Okay okay yes I do. Ha! Hubby says it’s extremely obvious cuz everytime I have food this is where you’ll find her.  I’m like nah it’s cause she loves me so very much! Ha!  

So there’s a few more of our of critters. 

Lawn mower saga 

Well if you remember last week, when mowing. I had left 2 spots. One for hubby and one for J. 

Once they were home and could mow the mower wouldn’t start. Which was killer I greatly dislike leaving things undone. But alas there was no way around it. The cilinoid  (spl?) Was bad. So we had to wait till we could find the part and fix it. 

One week later we got the part. Put it on and it runs!! Yippee!! But being it took so long to fix. The whole yard needed mowed again. But I’m happy to report. It’s mowed all of it. I even managed to do the section I usually leave for hubby. Due to the steep hills. But I did it. 

I also managed to get stuck. I was trying to enlarge a spot. And found it had to many pot holes. I had to enlist J’s help to get unstuck. Where he informed me to not try doing that anymore ha! 

So finally for the first time this year the entire yard is mowed!