Hay bale duck and her ducklings. 

Before she took them outta the nest. She had left to bathe and eat. So I snuck over and got a picture. There’s 13 of them squished in there. 

Here they are out and about. So much fluffy cuteness. They are already sold and onto their new home. I feel so bad for the momma ducks. 

We even sold the last 4 from the 1st batch of ducklings. 

So now we are back to just the original 16 adults. I have 2 for sure sitting on nests. 

Later this year I may keep a few babies so I can have a total of 20 ducks. Be nice to have more hens. 


Duck, duck, duck, no goose…

More ducklings.

Can’t play duck, duck, goose here. I’m short on geese ha! 

Anyways. You all remember hay bale duck 

Well her ducklings hatched today. She hasn’t brought them outta the nest yet. 

If you look very closely in front of her there you can see 2 ducklings. There’s more under her. She’s keeping them well protected and warm. Today of all days was a tad chilly. 

Then my other nesting duck that nested in the weeds. Had gotten off her nest to eat and drink. So I snagged a picture of her nest. Looks like 9 eggs. 

Then I have a new duck laying in the cow barn no pictures to show of that nest yet. But she’s been sitting on it for 6 days now. Takes about 35 days or so for the eggs to hatch. I’ll be curious to see how many days exactly. 

Here’s the 3 mommas from the first round of hatching. And the last 4 of their babies. I swear they all 3 give me such dirty looks now. Can’t blame them i did take their babies. 

Those 4 ducklings have it made 3 moms tending to them. I haven’t decided if I’ll sell those 4 ducklings yet or not. If not now maybe later as adults. So then I’ll know the sexes. Many people are looking for hens vs drakes. 

But hopefully I’ll have more pictures tomorrow of the newest hatching of ducklings…..

Little pigs.

7 healthy 4 week old piglets.

The little piglets are growing well. They will be leaving to their new home next Saturday. 

I will likely separate them from their mom come Wednesday. To give them a few days to get used to being on their own. Before they leave. 

Cracks me up they still sleep in a big pig pile. That’s all 7 of them!! You’d think that’d be uncomfortable. Ha! This picture waa taken today. 

This next picture was shortly after they were born(4 weeks ago). To show they have a thing for snuggling. 

Also looks like outta the 7 I only got one girl. Also known as a gilt. She looks just like her mommy. 

I got them moved over to the other side of the pig barn so I could clean the side they had been on.  This also gives me the ability to move the piglets to a separate spot from mom. But still inside the pig barn. 

This was my attempt at getting a picture of them all. As you count you’ll see I’m missing one and some are blurry. They aren’t very cooperative subjects, for picture taking. 

I find piglets so cute. I’ve had a love for pigs since I was 7. When my family got our first pig. Miss Piggy. She was suppose to just be raised to eat. So should’ve had her for say 6 months. We had her for 3 years. 

She was my pet. She’d follow me every where, I even sat on her back. I loved that pig. 

She led me to raising pigs. Since her I’ve raised pigs off and on my entire life. Since moving to this farm though. It was the first time I finally owned and bred my own pigs. Usually I just bought feeder pigs to raise up and butcher. Or id plan to breed but never did. 

I don’t find the older pigs as cute as I once did. I use to not have any fear of them, And their massive size and strength. But we had a incdient when trying to castrate the male piglets. The sows became very aggressive. Scary aggressive. I’d never seen this before. But I had never been this far into the pig farming. 

I now have a new respect for them. I understood why they reacted the way they did  I’d do the same for my young. I couldn’t fault them for that. 

I feel it was a good eye opener for myself. Because I do believe I put myself in harm’s way to many times.  Now I’m more cautious. Which is not a bad thing. 

I won’t go in with my older pigs without a way to get out quickly. Or to keep them from crowding my space. 

I don’t allow kids in my pig barn unless accompanied by an adult. Which is wise regardless of the animal.  

But with all that said. I do enjoy raising my pigs. I take pride in selling their piglets. And having regular customers that anticipate the next litters. To raise pigs people enjoy. Who acknowledge the work involved and the great breed that I own. It means a lot. 

Our next litter is due September. Then no breeding till January. For either sow. We all need a break. This will also allow me time to redo pens. 

So stay tuned. As there will be more pig news in the months to come.  

A little tid bit from the farm. 

Random stuff from the farm.

Weeded the onions today. Next to till the paths between. 

Weeded the vining plants also today. 

Gardens are coming along nicely. Right now it’s just a matter of keeping weeds pulled. Later comes the harvesting and canning. Last year we didn’t do much for canning. As we still had a lot from.the year before. But this year we will need to do lots of canning. 

Remington and his pen mate seem to have buddies up finally. But it still doesn’t keep him from jumping out. I tried him in his new pen and he jumped right out. 

I don’t know what I’m gonna do. How does one break a goat from jumping outta his pen. I’ve never had this issue before. 

But good heavens if he doesn’t stop I’m gonna go crazy. I’ve to much stuff going on to be constantly putting him back in his pen. And makes leaving the farm difficult cuz he can be escaping while I’m not home. He could get hurt or run away. 

So that’s my newest challenge. On top of needing to clean the shop up. As it was the catch all for the stuff removed from the hunting/fishing shed(use to be known as the wood shed). And the stuff from the garage. And the stuff from the grainery. 

Grainery nice and clean. Ready to be filled up with straw. I’ve not seen it this clean since we moved here 3 years ago. Ha! 

Also removing the old raised flower beds. We used them a couple times. But didn’t care for them. So I’m working on taking them apart. It’ll end up being where the duck pond goes.  

It’s like a billion things to do. And not enough time to do them all. Doesn’t help that your running on a short warm season. Gotta get it all done before winter. Or it has to wait till next year. 

But anyways that’s all for now. Must get to bed And hopefully sleep off this headache. I’ll blog more tomorrow. 

So to be continued….. 

Never a dull moment. 

More adventures on the farm.

So yesterday we managed to get the grainery/strawbale barn cleaned out. Found way to many mouse nests. With mice still in some. No I’m not afraid of mice. Just not thrilled with them eating holes in things. And going potty on everything. 

Cocoa our dog loves to chase them. She’s managed to get a few. 

Then later that day we had tball practice. That went well. J got to play catcher and first base. He’s gotten so much better this year. 

After that was done we had to head and get our newest farm addition. The drive was nice. I did use Google maps. Cuz well me and directions don’t see eye to eye. Honestly maps and I don’t mesh well either. Ask hubby how it’s gone for him when asking me to be in control of the map/directions. Ha! 

I must say that field road was pretty fun. It wasn’t to over grown with weeds. And we still managed to get to our destination. I think that’s what counts. 

But anyways. We arrived at the gals house a tad early. So we decided to back track to town and grab a snack. 

We got back to her place to sit and wait and wait and wait. She was suppose to be there at 8 then it was 8:30ish. Then I don’t know. She didn’t arrive till 9:15pm. 

Not great for us being that i still needed to milk. J needed to get to bed. I’d still need to get Remington our newest member settled in at our place. Not to mention the drive home. 

Such is life. After getting Remington in our crate. Her showing me her goats. She’s also into the minimanchas. So if she ends up with some registered ones I may purchase some. So that I can get the herd I want. 

We didn’t get home till 10:30. I drug my kidding pen into the garage for the night. So that way if Remington got out he’d still be in the safety of the garage. 

And low and behold. Remington jumps clear outta the pen. Thankfully he’s super tame so he was easy to catch. I put him back in his pen. Turn around and he jumps right back out. He gives you this look like what I’m just gonna follow you around. No problem. 

I had to give J the job of watching Remington in his pen. So to keep him from jumping out. That way I could milk. 

Milking done. I then grabbed my little doeling that will be Remingtons pen mate for now. I thought he’d stay in the pen now that he had a buddy. Nope I was wrong. He stuck his nose up at her. And jumped right out. 

Seriously. I’ve owned goats for 3 years now. I’ve never had such an issue. I’m grateful he’s tame so I could get him back in.  I had to put a top on the pen to stop the jumping out. 

Once the top was in place the kids settled down for the night. The little doeling wasn’t to pleased this was the first time away from her mom. But she’s fine now. She calls for her mom from time to time. 

This was a great thing for my doeling (sadly she’s not named yet.)  But she has tamed up. She doesn’t run from us now. 

This morning both kids are good. I think I’ll keep them in their pen till Thursday. Since the weather isn’t very good today. And I have to be gone tomorrow. 

Not gonna lie though I’m exhausted. I didn’t get to bed till midnight.  Then was up at 5 switching laundry around. And getting hubby off to work.  

Now J has his friend over for the day. So hoping it goes well. 

But I’m must run and keep an eye on them both. To make sure boredom doesn’t strike. Ha! 

This is Remington. I’ll get better pictures of him later today once I’m not tending to two 6 and a half year olds. 

This is my little doeling. As you can see they haven’t quite warmed up to each other yet. Sleeping on opposites sides of their pen. 

These two will be a breeding pair. I’m curious to see what their kids will look like. I truly hope they get their dad’s blue eyes. 

Busy weekend. 

Fun and productive weekend.

This weekend though wasn’t filled with fishing adventures like usual. It was filled with other fun happenings. 

Now don’t worry the boat wasn’t neglected. Hubby and J worked on putting new seats in the boat. Looking forward to trying them out this coming weekend. 

Anyways Saturday morning came bright and early. The hardest part of this that take place early in the morning is I don’t sleep well. I always have nightmares that I slept through my alarm or got lost trying to get to my destination. 

Terrible. But after a very restless night. I was up early doing all my morning farm chores. So we could head out to our 5k. 

Chores done and inside to get ready. I bought compression socks this time around and special insoles for my shoes. After my last 10k I had really done a number on my shins. And did not want a repeat.  

Got J ready. Then we all piled into the car and headed to the race. J and I got our packets.(which included our race number and shirts)  

Race started at 9am. This was J’s first official 5k. He sped past me at the beginning. Then slowed. Took some coaxing to keep him going. Walking here and there. But after 36 mins we crossed the finish line. Not my best time But it was worth getting to run with J. We plan on doing another one together this year. This time a bit more training is in store. 

We then headed to our fav cafe for a bite to eat. Next we headed home to rest up before the parade. Where I ended up taking a nap. Getting old ha! 

After said nap. I got up did chores and off to the parade we went. It’s not a huge parade but it’s fun. J got a lot of candy from it. Not sure which he enjoyed more the candy or the parade. I’m leaning towards the candy. 

Next was the rodeo. I’m a bit disappointed with that. It wasn’t very good. The riders did well. Just wished there had been more contestants. And the entertainment they had was nothing to get excited about. The clown they had wasn’t funny he was very vulgar. I didn’t like that. 

Once the rodeo was done our day had come to an end  and off to bed we went. 

Sunday was chore day. We went and picked up plants for the garden (tomatoes and peppers. Then some flowers for the flower beds in front of the house) as you read and seen in my prior blog. 

We also got parts for the boat so the guys could put the chairs in. 

Once home we began working. Stopping to chase ducklings as we had people coming to purchase them. 6 sold to one guy who had two muscovy drakes already. And needing some hens. The next 12 went to a fella wanting to raise them to eat. 

I had to enlist hubby and J to help wrangle baby ducks. Let me tell you trying to grab a tiny fluff ball is no easy task. Nor is it enjoyable to hear the moms calling for their babies:( breaks my heart. But there’s no way I can keep all the babies. I’d become over run with ducks. Though I’d have less bug issues. 

Speaking of bugs. Just the other day I was talking to hubby about how I never see lightning bugs anymore. I remember growing up and having an abundance of them. Going out and catching them. So you can see them light up in your hands. 

I hadn’t seen any in years even when we lived in our trailer in town. Nothing. Then just the other night there was 1 just 1. But it was the most amazing moment. I got J’s attention so he could see. 

Alright back to Sunday. After ducklings were off to their new homes. Chores done. Dinner made and ate. Then watered the gardens. Which turned into playing in the water with J. I think he ended up watered better then the plants ha! 

It was a fun and productive weekend. Thus week doesn’t appear to be any less busy. Today we are working on cleaning out the  grainery/straw barn. T-ball later. And picking up our newest farm member. 

With that said I best get going so we can perhaps get the barn done today. 

P.s. we also seen this big snapping turtle yesterday. Laying her eggs on the side of the road. 

More garden stuff. 

Finally done planting.

So today I finally bought my tomato and pepper plants. 

Also got them planted and watered. 4 cherry tomato plants, 4 big red, 4 early girl and 4 Roma. 

Then 8 green bell pepper.  

Hubby mentioned that once they are full grown I may not be able to till on the far sixes of them. My solution. I’ll just make the garden spot bigger. 

With that being said. I am going to enlarge the gardens. The 3 that are close together. (1 large 2 small ones)  I’m just gonna merge them all together into one huge garden. Since it can be difficult to mow between them anyways. Either cuz of vining plants. Or fences. 

Its just better to make more garden space. Then on the other side of the drive way. Where the medium garden is located. I’m gonna enlarge that as well. To make it better suited for the corn to be over there next year. 

Now all this enlarging stuff won’t likely occur till closer to fall. So to avoid weeds coming up. And added work through the summer. Got enough on my plate at the moment. 

We also got the 2 flower beds up by the house planted today. 

These I had help with. Hubby and J tilled them up. Then helped lay the flowers out and plant. 

Now to wait and see how they look once they fill out better. 

Well there is more to the weekend happenings here. But I’m tired and must head to bed…..

So to be continued……