Our second outting on the boat. 

A whopper of a cat fish.

Today came with it’s own new set of adventures. Though it was our second trip out in our boat. This was the first time our main motor actually worked. So we had full access to explore the lake. Or river. We opted for a lake that is known to have cat fish in it. 

We did manage to get rained on a few times. And I for the first time ever had an umbrella flip wrong side out (due to the wind) . I was shocked. I seriously thought it was a old wives tale or something. Nope! It happens. 

We also got to see a double rainbow. 

Seriously breath taking!  Also a first seeing a double rainbow while on the lake. 

Then hubby caught a whopper of a cat fish 22 lbs and I forget how many ounces. Only took about 15 minutes to get him reeled in. Ha! 

Normally I try and avoid posting pictures of faces. But the smile on his face needed to be shared. And look at that cat fish!! And think there are bigger ones yet! We did release the fish back into the water. We keep very few fish. As it’s really more about the adventure of catching them vs eating them. Though cat fish is mighty tasty. Ha! Seriously tastes like chicken. 

Another fun day done and in the books. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?