My new to me 35mm camera.

One of my buys during the auction I went to a couple weekends ago. Was a Nikon N5005 35 mm camera. 

Now this waa very exciting for me  I love taking pictures always have. I loved it when my grandfather had bought me a nice 35mm camera years ago back when i was 10 or so. Sadly I no longer have it. 

Yes I have an smart phone. But I’m not keen on them. I miss the good ole days where you had to use a land line to talk to people. And even the dial up internet. 

Cuz well people use to talk like really talk. Everyone took time to write and keep in touch. Not just the simple what’s up text you get now a days. 

Phones are attached to everyone. It’s like an extra limb. A life line. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice at times.  

Having everything cyber related at your finger tips. Phone, internet, camera, clock. How many people do you see wearing a watch anymore? What do people do when you ask what time it is? They pull out their phone. 

Cameras are everywhere. You pull your phone out and click you have a picture. 

How often does one ever print their pictures off now? So you have a hard copy? It’s on your phone and likely all over your social media. But very rarely on your walls or photo albums you can pull out of your closet to show guests. And let’s be honest most of your guests likely have you on social media and seen all the pictures that way. 

I miss the good ole days where you bought film. Took your pictures and waited for them to get developed to see if they even turned out. 

I even took a photography class in my teens that taught me how to develop my own film. Now to have a room to do that would be cool.   But no where in my future. I’ll stick with Wal-Mart. Ha! 

It was fun learning to use my camera and get it all set up. And take those first few pictures. It was like Christmas. Also watching J get all excited and wanting to take pictures with it was fun. 

Also was quite amusing watching him trying to figure out why he couldn’t see the picture. And why It didn’t print one out. Having to explain to him you take the film in to be developed. Still he wasn’t fully understanding what we were talking about. So I look forward to taking a roll in and letting him drop it off and pick it up. 

It’ll be magic Ha! 

Now to find things to take pictures of. Maybe I’ll take it to J”s t-ball practice. Give it a try.