Laid back Sunday.

Just some ramblings



Today was very laid back. No real plans just kind of go with the flow. We went and ate at my favorite small town cafe. Which is named Whistle stop cafe. They have great food. But the thing I also love about the place. Is the name. It’s the same name as the cafe on my favorite movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” . And yes this cafe is also near railroad tracks. Not quite as close as the one in the movie. But they are there.

If you’ve never watched the movie. You should. It’s worth it!

My other favorite movie that I watch no matter what else is on. Is “Forest Gump” only time I won’t watch it is if J is nearby. Then yeah not very kid friendly. Though I do let him watch “Pearl Harbor.” But i figured thats part of his history. Though it’s dramatized for viewing pleasure.

After eating at the cafe. We headed into the next town. Stopped at the park so J could play. Then Picked up some bait and tried a new fishing spot. This spot was not my friend. I booked anything and everything. I came out empty handed. Hubby caught a catfish and J caught a golden eye and a catfish. So we still were successful.

Home after that to do chores. Where I found my good heavy duty water hose with a puncture hole in it! Ugh.

Then dinner and a movie (we are watching “Enders Game”)  think that’s what it’s called anyway. First time J is actually watching it.  We use to have cable but we opted to pause our subscription through the summer. Since there is so much more we can do and needs done during the warm months.

So less tv isn’t a bad thing. I also have chosen to spend less time on social medias. Like Facebook. Deleted my Instagram and Twitter. Though those weren’t so much my decision. But we’ll not get into that right now. Facebook was more my choice, I now check it on Monday and Fridays.

I’m trying to keep in touch with family and friends via phone calls and well text. Yeah texting isn’t very personal. But it’s easier for me.

Texting gives me time to think before replying. There’s no awkward silence like you’d get on a phone call. I can write delete and rewrite my reply as many times as needed. Till I feel that what I’m saying is going to benefit the conversation.

I get told quite often i smile and giggle a lot in conversations. Most cases it’s due to the fact. I feel that nothing I say with improve the conversation. But I don’t want the person to feel I’m not listening or don’t care. I also don’t strike up conversations. I figure that if what I have to say won’t improve on the silence. Then best to just enjoy the silence. To often people struggle with silence. When we should welcome it. The world is a busy noisy place. Silence is a gift.

When people ask why I’m so quiet. I respond with “We were given two ears and one mouth. So we’d listen twice as much as we speak”. How often do people truly respond to not just simply respond. Should we jump with a response. Take time to think before you speak. It’s ok. There’s been so many times in my life alone. Where I wished someone would have thought about their response to any number of hardships in my life.

I’m not perfect i know I’ve had my fair share of moments where I did not engage my brain before my mouth. But we all are only human. Live and learn.

But I’m tired and still need to finish a few nightly chores before I can turn in.


Sooooo… be continued…….

Fishing day.

I caught the biggest fish

20170506_220343Today being that it’s Saturday. We took the day to go fishing. J didn’t have school and hubby didn’t have to work. So what better way to spend a day as a family but out fishing.

The weather was great. Warm and sunny. (And though we had sunscreen on we still managed to get sunburned a bit.)  Was worth it. We caught 27 fish total. (Hubby caught 12, i caught 12 and J caught 3). I caught the biggest, a 29 inch 9 lb cat fish. Those things put up quite the fight. Something else I realized they make a crackling sound when your holding them. Took me by surprise the first time. I almost dropped it

Another fish that makes a similar noise, Was the sheep head. It’s a bit odd.

J spent most of his time playing in the dirt and trees. Hence the few he caught. Reminds me of myself. I was never big on fishing. Was to boring. I hated sitting still. Now I enjoy the moments where I can just sit and think. Day dream. Create stories in my head. I can’t tell you how many numerous stories have travel through my head. All the adventures I’ve had, it the safety of my head.

In my head I’m a great dancer. In reality I have 2 left feet. Don’t believe me ask my hubby. Ask him what happened the last time he tried to dance we with me. I fell on my bottom. Ha. In my head I’m outspoken. I don’t take crap from anyone. In reality I’m very quiet, and I resemble a door mat for most. In my head I’m a world traveler. In reality I rarely leave my home.

But anyways. We are home from fishing. I managed to get my evening chores done. Hubby cleaned the fish. Now I’m getting J to bed. Then it’ll be my turn to slip off to dream land.

Sooo….to be continued……

This morning

Dog the egg thief


So this morning, didn’t go as planned. Trying to get J off to school. Who didn’t wanna get up. Trying to keep him motivated to get dressed is a chore some mornings. I thought we may have to resort to driving the car up the driveway this morning vs walking. We have a half mile long driveway. So it’s not like a minute walk. Takes around 7 minutes to get up it. When walking at a 6 year olds pace. (And can be a bit worse on the mornings that he’s not as keen to going to school)

But during the process of getting J set for school. I had let the dog out to go potty. Which no biggie. Except this morning she decided to get into one of my duck nests. And eat 8 of the 9 eggs in the nest. I was livid to say the least. Those eggs could’ve either been gathered and sold. Or my main intentions with the eggs is to have them hatch out. Thus getting to sell the ducklings. My dog is an egg thief. No other way to put it.  She was scolded and instantly went upstairs to my hubby. And pouted at him. He came down and asked what did the dog do? I hadn’t realized she had gone upstairs. He said “She came up head low tail tucked and looked at him all sad.” He’s like I knew she must’ve done something wrong. I told him, what her crime was. I said I love her but she’s on the naughty list right now. Not that I honestly get or stay mad for more then a moment. It was just a tad frustrating, and sad. But it is what it is.

Most of the ducks nest under my grainery building. I have 2 nest in my cow barn. One where I’ve built a house for it.  I need to do the same for the newest nest in the cow. To hopefully avoid anything happening to the eggs.

We own the muscovy ducks. 13 hens 3 drakes. It started with just 4 hens and 1 drake last summer. They hatched out 2 drakes and 9 hens. So now if I let each hen hatch out ducklings. It wouldn’t take much to end up with 100 ducks. And though yes I love my ducks that would be a bit to many. So I’ll be selling off some of them. I already have a growing pen to put the babies in. It’s actually my goat pen that I use when my goats kid. I also already have buyers for some the of ducklings.

This year im gonna get 2 more pens made so come spring I won’t have to fight through the cold to build pens. I can just drag them into the garage add hay and done.

Today’s chore finish the other side of the pig barn. And till gardens again. Work up a garden lay out. I’m planting less this year. Cuz less is more. Also gonna make chicken runs. To out between the rows. This way I have help with keeping the weeds down. Not gonna lie i greatly dislike weeding. So if I can find a way to make it easier on myself I will. I did have it a tad easier last year. I made the rows far enough apart to take the tiller between rows. But I cant get close enough to the plants to do much good there. The chicken runs I can get right up close.

But this also means getting chickens. So must get them ordered.

Well that’s all for now. I must run and get more done.

Sooo….to be continued…..

Today’s happenings


14939272541061615646714Today I get the joy of babysitting my best friends little girl. Will call her K she’s going to be 3 come september. So she’s getting quite the personality. Lots of sass. After having gone through most stuff with my son (we’ll call him J) I learned things that worked vs didn’t work. So K doesn’t most times get away with as much as J did. Due to what I’ve learned.

The moments where I wished I’d had known all this when raising my son. But live and learn I guess.

I never thought I’d get to be a mom. Honestly, I had actually come to terms of not being a mom. Well was working on that. But then surprisingly enough I got pregnant. After almost 6 years of trying. And 3 miscarriages.

But we’ll talk about all that at another time.

So today. In the process of babysitting. Which is always fun. She’s a good child. Listens well for the most part. She played. Chased ducks, played in the dirt. Watched me work.

I spent my time feeding and watering all the critters. Then proceeded to till all the gardens up. I’ll have to post pictures of them. I had to find a chore that I could do but still be able to keep an eye on K. Cleaning pig barn was out as trying to keep track of where K is would be to hard.

Each day i get one step closer to being “caught up” on farm chores. It’s hard staying motivated at times cuz well there’s always a million things to do! And I never feel like I get anywhere. It all lands on my shoulders. So if the farm excels it’s on me. If it fails it’s also on me.

My big goal for the farm this year, well two goals. First get more pig pens made. So I can separate all the pigs. That way they can be outside vs hanging out in the house. That i hate cleaning. Also will give me the option to only breed my sows once a year vs twice. And they need a break, so do I.

Next is to enlarge goat pens set up a summer pasture. Get a pasture set for the bucks. Then I get to work on creating my own unique herd. We raise lamanchas, Nigerians and minimanchas. I’m gonna try and get a good combination of each. I will be getting another registered Nigerian buck come June 1st. On the lookout for a registered lamancha. So that way next year when I have minimanchas I can register them. They’ll have to be registerd as experimental. Only ones that can be pure breed or American are F6(the 6th geneatuons of minimanchas) which will be difficult to achieve. I’ll get into that at another time.

But all in all. Today was a great success. Gardens tilled. And dinner in the crockpot. May seem like nothing but it’s the small victories that help me achieve the big victories.

So that’s all for now as I still have a bit of time left before I have to get my son from the bus.

Soooo…to be continued……

May 3rd, 2017

A glimpse of today.

Today has been slow going. Weather isn’t the most appealing. Raining off and on all day. So it lead me to picking up around the house.

Till I had to go and run my errand. As the hand gun my hubby bought had arrived. So I had to go in and get it. Now depending whether I like the gun or not will determine if I keep it. Or if we look for another one for me to carry. I want something small easy to hide. Light weight. With a safety on it. I’m not asking much. Least I didn’t say I want it be loud. Or pretty. Though a nice blue color I sure wouldn’t complain. Ha.

I really need to clean the other pig stall. I got one cleaned out yesterday. Which was very unpleasant. The smell and the amount of gross. Was a bit much. My family had no problem saying I smelled. Perhaps I smelled a little. I needed one stall cleaned as I have a sow due to forrow around may 20th. Need a place to put her. Away from my other sow and boar. My spotted sow is due in september. Against my wishes. She managed to break outta her pen to get to the boar. And that was the end of that.

Anyways that’s all for now as I’ve gotta run. So to be continued………..