More baby ducklings. 

21 ducklings so far.


Yesterday we had a other mama duck come out with her babies. She has 5 total. 

She had was keeping them in the goat pasture to start with. A bit unnerving for me. As I’m worried the babies will get stepped on. But thankfully all are fine. 

And she now keeps them outside the goat pen. They’ve made their rounds through the yard. So far all moms and babies are all doing good. Also getting along so far. No one’s tried chasing the other mom and babies away. 

Then we have lone baby duck. 

Who we are raising ourselves. As the momma ducks won’t except him. But that’s ok. Cuz he has it made. As you can clearly see. 

On my walk about. Checking ducks and ducklings. I ran into a another nesting duck. She was hid away in tall grass by my goat pen. Glad I wasn’t able to get my weed eater going as that was where I intended to cut down the grass. 

So I know I have at least 3 on nests. So before to long we should have even more baby ducks. Sadly I now must post them for sale. Cuz otherwise we will have a hundred ducks come the end of summer. 

At this point we have 37 ducks!! And to think we started with only 5. 

Author: WeekendWarriorOutdoors

Alright first off I do all my writing via my phone. So please don't judge me to harshly on the typos. I try to catch them but will most definitely miss a few. Next I'm not great at writing the about me sections of these things. You'll find out more about me by reading my posts vs me trying to squish something into the about me section. But here's a little tid bit. My name is Misty. I am 31 year old country gal. I'm a wife and mom. My son will be known as J in my blog posts. And hubby well will be hubby. Easy enough. I am a stay at home mom. Where not only do I tend to my son. But I run our small scale farm. Which includes cows, ducks, pigs, dairy goats, a pony, a dog and a cat. And coming soon chickens. We got rid of our last set of chickens over the winter. To make room for some young hens. We also have 2 large gardens and 2 smaller ones. I raise and grow about 90 percent of the food we eat. Lots of canning in the fall. I also enjoy hunting and fishing. So be on the look out for those stories in the blog. I created my blog to have a place to write. To share my thoughts/ramblings. Share our adventures. Good or bad. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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