May 3rd, 2017

A glimpse of today.

Today has been slow going. Weather isn’t the most appealing. Raining off and on all day. So it lead me to picking up around the house.

Till I had to go and run my errand. As the hand gun my hubby bought had arrived. So I had to go in and get it. Now depending whether I like the gun or not will determine if I keep it. Or if we look for another one for me to carry. I want something small easy to hide. Light weight. With a safety on it. I’m not asking much. Least I didn’t say I want it be loud. Or pretty. Though a nice blue color I sure wouldn’t complain. Ha.

I really need to clean the other pig stall. I got one cleaned out yesterday. Which was very unpleasant. The smell and the amount of gross. Was a bit much. My family had no problem saying I smelled. Perhaps I smelled a little. I needed one stall cleaned as I have a sow due to forrow around may 20th. Need a place to put her. Away from my other sow and boar. My spotted sow is due in september. Against my wishes. She managed to break outta her pen to get to the boar. And that was the end of that.

Anyways that’s all for now as I’ve gotta run. So to be continued………..